10-18th-2017 weds 6:17pm
Ageing Thought

What am I doing?
jolly with
never shivers or meaningless then,
she once said-held
yes! about my forever & alway’s be mine…
eyes that looked- who never said
switched around suger, honie, eye’s & worldly bread
angels singing kind of
sadness stepped out, from perfect images
My angles clean in dust or fire.



Oct. 10-11th-2017 Weds
Sorry Confusion;

meet for nothing,
volunteer yesterday,
need more sleep – around in me..
Amish taunting things;
able in the morning to make everything worse;
I am nothing you can never glow far away..
Desires something
tease or dream soundly
more then just a volunteer,
thought I was the only child; who talked
latest invited to lovers when
dinner or something more ;
never understand true secrets
so tall she’s talked with strong reasons;



Oct 10-10th-2017 tues.
Forever Too Forget It, names or brilliant

short she was a grown up,
mistaken something –
forever, you chose to talk too
if I said those
cleaned the house;
pick up just how slow
while they think around here;
they want too need
funny ways
believe in the stronger person;

Myl cui

Oct. 10-9-2017 Mon
The Big Deal In

anywhere again,
you choose hell is more confusing then heaven
I guess stranght is called
pours out–
kept hours on;
It’s level .. effects I guess have a way,, stones
evil had been returend ,
underline everything twice..
not once Im those haunting gems;
I find many lines just too cross out at night —
speed she comes undone;
Trips fall short; hearts get broken, melting pours
anymore.. Woods remain free Iands;
sharks for sheeps blood;
easy times too write;
in this mind of mine..
away goes on late


Snap Darby

Oct 2-2017 Mon
Part 23
eventually that’s the gal
What did it mean fine, Tomorrow’s up a driven road always–
that foolish wrong fun truth, this piece called me;
smiles that
less traveled through the rain..
grateful revelations;
My name is Holly;
please don’t think up another sad story book;
good morning; study at 5;
so who is talk,,
I finally woke-up the dead; tears gave way
I’m working ever harder –
afternoon; you the morning they would once bring out
rhythmic this beyond danger meaning–
think; ley awake in pain
breathe in deep;
pass away over a sign
houses grew among each
What can I do..
think im so stupid –
Just another break dawns piece of daylight.


09-7th-2017 Thurs. Sept. Summer
Names To Reveal
Faye Dunaway ( Dorothy )
Johnny Depp
Karli j. Penrose
Ellen Lee DeGeneres
Lilly Tomlin
Grace & Frankie
Meryl Streep
Ellen Liegh
London, England, UK
Carrie Fisher
Meryl Streep
Analesica Radieki
Twitter & Facebook
Jane S. Fonda
Shawn ( Leslie ) Penrose



09- 26-17 Sept Tues.
The dark rings deepened
return too this state
waiting for the leafs too fall,,
sin after that I had spoken clean worth every rain drop I can hear..
not confused for long..
bright days too come again
speaking properly but no Cinderella
for some
charming wrong breath deep
forced by a name in law..
through dark references sending what else
review with
I could smell those fresh prints on
much feet deep even
twisting pain well I lay awake.


09-25-2017 Mon Sept Fall
Talk Too Bad
my own writing I could never —
— Everything had finally
meant one thing so much I wasn’t anymore,
will discrimination I would said even
my right as a person alone who never felt
the pretty people never
walks not I was
everything was just
no & a fast if never
sick & have
nentirly grown up I was
I would want to talk
finally not was
that no it or not & I
I can’t well no
a – wanted to get too know anything
like enything was I don’t want
not even one doctor when would get everything If
was meant People — nm..
you can even
never be you a no one was really doctor
say when I was no one but you
was & she had
I would show my For me
Whats wrong that you’re a when that was
at all.



09-24th-20917 Sun Sept Fall
nothing could be
young my world was
finally a job
the street with real names
one person who cared about nothing
did not have or
that as well then too who
but I was never you’re everything
good too take
that I would never
this was a of
want to when have to alone.