9-25th-18 Fall Iodine

memories craving remorse
fused lullabies,
gaslighted hallways



Mon Sept. 9-24th-18 Prolonging Litigation
Don’t tread on me,
Activists given’ monologues
traumatic? We all laugh disorder
speed no less
as when


9/7/18 Fri. Sept
precious news feeds Under the table —
venture in America forever
Words to follow
to be released with no warning
Talk held what’s overlooked, few said
Activist more then rights ,
column bind stranger then fiction ending with, take my hand Hello Stranger
opera music mezzo-soprano..
healing rests —
deported? I feel stolen time got borrowed
bus ticket ,, one way near allowed to
please remember sounds of
89′ ultimate revenge break up hit..


8.26.18 Aug Too wake up empty
It was imposable within
laughing at nothing — People have, said
one major enogh
the theird year spell
of mine,, I just had to admit
journalism without, someones discouraged call