4-24th-18 Apr. Tues, Hurs Turning

Into years given

dipping her

call it on

others eye shadow



4-22-18 Sun Apr Butterflyies

gasoline in a full sunrise

dearest harsh

nothing if you only may dream

that, others embrace

shadow took place

anxious, beat

raindrops you hold tight


4-21st-18 Sat Of Sticks

36 times

little sight its always

whispers grew

judgements are so that

different types I shall fall

I who drifted

hours creepy secret hiding place…

joke another drink,

the rain I’ve lived through

many years I no longer hear

4-20-18 Fri Apr. Steps

Together wishes melt in odd little pictures

prikals you crave

black eyes askin’ one be fooled

costly in your name, please

knifes play around well

deeply, passage

knowing ones child, but falling back

leaving sentimental mixture

lengths distance; I wanted to scream

wake here

more then 61 seconds

these things thinking back.



Hg tyde

4-14-18 April Sat Full Of Diaries

I can barley see for miles out. I lay back down

what mistakes disappear stay

one place too return

making change is like, afraid I’m not too one level..

that I cannot stand awake

no life would be left to uncover a

thought windows for an to save ones

about too cry.