That’s Not True
Sour faces with black leather
what conspiracy
disembark venting flies
no tea
webs take
fear & Expression burns
key phrases ugly thinking aloud
lips grown up
unique bay
shut this down memory
little giggles appear
torn wait
mega break up hit, charm
whispers chatter across the room
visit hells pace


Agie Memory,
comfort take place – wicked
laughter, plagiarize
ignoring can they be
clear view, hyperactive nicknames
ghosting orphaned poor bagerly; aggressive & neglectful
journalist outta site before secrets wide
story here —
your (aunt) one couples (niece)
– the hate we give- stupid off handed
the nightly shall
part smears chorusing bright


9/7/18 Fri. Sept
precious news feeds Under the table —
venture in America forever
Words to follow
to be released with no warning
Talk held what’s overlooked, few said
Activist more then rights ,
column bind stranger then fiction ending with, take my hand Hello Stranger
opera music mezzo-soprano..
healing rests —
deported? I feel stolen time got borrowed
bus ticket ,, one way near allowed to
please remember sounds of
89′ ultimate revenge break up hit..