July 17th, tues Caused By
the last burning flame
big lightz
sleepy wispers that creep
What I wanted was too think thank you like I
reaching for..



July 16th, Mon Bitten In The
Years falling in
shades, the glow of
rainbow with, set out just before
vanishing things never make
aging heart beat


July Summer Sat 7-14th, 18 Specail Poer It Holds
Meanings went frozen within’
tales that fall around
these fights were remembered as silk
comforting the more
wanting someone
caressing smile with such
I write my latest
an angels face
secrets’ pushing over my eyes like rags
kitten readi too jump..


July Summer 7 – 13, 18 Were Over
I was those – ing
those was in when
like to I that would
You always that were
– people — that was made in
those I was
you through I would
it & in When I was My skin
at– I when a

12xz Rain1!

Sat Summer July 12th, 2018 That Was Looked Through Was’t
last ones too truthy cry–
once again
enegy, the public winter
being at these fine
was wasn’t those
younger & for never
crave woke me
whispers that you in all
there would like each people never


Fri July Summer 11th, 2018 People What Was
is piece of life
Remembering when lullabies
thoughts that were no longer mine
never broke the lips one’s
meant to walk through
from every swirl
signal handed Cherokee depression
only used to my own
all my time
candles would I
my skin crawled..