I woke bacj up too

Christen school with other like you
seeing was one
die by meni
there you are all – gental-
smething,it would be in a were all things
it was not one
for my people who had
camars build in were
over for you
what that
on one’s with would
that no was at
other a me of that
angel, that was of that
was around.




That Seeing Snow

yesterday all it took was too
hope stay in the 14 ways
looking like someone else that said
of a tall building
that tastes with a shock
I was walking through something
the of hate with that,
now too other who
it was not – if I –



brat they called

To whom this private, on the second of third floor
lingering on all the of some If I could spread one
ones English lines that spoke of
loose guilt around London
takes a lifetime too play place in ones skin
damage you counld say after longing.


Janney title

11-29th-2017 Nov. Weds
Satisfying In One Excellent Thing

I never dreamed of, not
stress had grown into, thickened- able to walk with you
approved sorrows in danger
problems crowd
slander hits you should never write
whispering clung hypothetically
had problems & were how free if other
didn’t say anything
sinning was one thing in life
remained looking
closing my eyes- jump off a bridge
so far thousands of things
meaning too use them.

convert slam

11-28-2017 Nov. Tues
Black Magic Need

my own ways in this creation
said for the half of it
neglect & unwelcome — oriented
not meant to harm
life before, write down truth
care the rest
In & out, I banish, the stain’s I was closing,, to dash — foolish o, yes I
not too you can’t
be used if I
silly my proper were
you scar’s them
suicidel nothing, the deal of a fool
take out facts & do.

Jelly Fish

Nov. 11-27-2017 Mon.
Things Speak To Me In A Serious

are worn like spiders,
each, rain – of truce rest at the hallow break lights
frusterated viens what gets sold in
pain to be; imprisoned,
last I may speak
one moment
painted with leafs & vines–
Forgotten is that can be forgotten
I was in danger when I wonder the whole time if..
history of mine
meant to be this hard
after a little while swallowing.



Nov. 11-26-2017 Sun.
May Day 2017

For the rest of this incoming gentle grey ego, far amoung the trees
while a rainy exotic satifiying peace
by a creul judgement
positivily being in charge
more then therapudic & each
this forwording address – players that need to blame
game of — that walks under the fire,
I only dream in the moment.



11-18-2017 Sat. 8:15am
.. I .. I Ventches Out But,

exist I’ll blow out the candle
black thoughts of dangerous stockers seak what much about
say full of acting.
almost happen like that has meni different
for you that have been caused.
life must this playful place..
countless hours I send
replace what mascara they see discovering
eni one too
passion holding me close too you now with that
catching hands for a sun -goth at night-
glued shut it gets brighter outside..