.. Deutsch lyrics published-my mind is full of cobwebs, echo’s I hear outside my door & window – glad she’s getting help she needs;
spinning like taxi.
that hurt worse, vous like a break up
integer plague
given in money { Hahaha }
say in between the cities, I heard ” miraculous frangipani ”
had I twist & turn your time
ethic whisper away
august geromatic of late night..
friend before tiramisu shake
Netherlands bridging the distance
memories now dark,
Dutch gate
the voice riveted alone- Ermelo mini Fiji in un – unos
April 1st 1968
dare dj committed suicided with a handful of pills not hanging like towards my real father { bipolar } ,spirits on my shoulder,
hymns & worlds half glass alone
she thought about her, fitness clandestine
I should put my phone down
So-Est-dijk – dynamo
{ Lotta things I shouldn’t have said }
never loved after ones own 97’discrimination
peace inside your soul.



The morning rain, smells of sadness-
names deepen whispers grey,
wishing anywhere her veins drip pouring, Eithne
a soft chance ”Love” memories Fogg;
figuring life twis glass
Janka, Juliska, Noemi – long ago take place..
myself zev Wisconsin? sown a stich
voices outside blinded windows
only KO work, seaina told most: came on vloging blog her twins ghost
I ran outta time,
Jewish zev outta service-
few caught pleasure before and after the wind
breathe our cries
cuddles lest affection
already held this hand revision { feather spelling goes }
she’s my diamond rainbow, fighting through the smoke of death.

174 Re:

{ Daunting } Outside Voice

The swifting chatter, poetically written three, two, four days later-
Gossiping like siren air raids
Crickets echoed,
As if – budding comedians’’ The girl next door ’’
I adore your raw creative mind with anguish
Vaguely – mourned the loss
My spirits beaten into submission
Silhouettes draped { chilled to the marrow }
“this is all true”
Shillings & six pence
Dark floors leaded bay windows of lighting & candles
Both idiots ‘’ jealous ’’? Laughter said whom spoke.

Black Wednesday

Winston Churchill ‘’ Blizkrieg ‘’
’Oct 1st 1935
minimizing the assault molester –
Edward Charles ‘’ Ted ‘’ { Pop } village of Denaby
– -Hello sweet heart, Why not change your name to ‘’ Julia Morris ‘’ from 1921
Just reading your pages of these chapters
I have Cerebral Palsy { A Handicapped disorder along with preliminary issues Born July 4th 3 months pree-mee & yet not August..
I’m 28 yrs. Old,
O’os Remember from Ms. Morre’s High school chouir class –
Porte cochere trestle chintz.
Days Holocaust excited
Jewish Noemi Ban ‘’
Chopin & Rachmaninoff

Irk-coz? #4X

The Dark Rings Deepened

– Remark rekindle: Keziah
walking under the fire,
Erick’s march- Aggie?
tutored bounds ( WE ) separate souls
creak… Screak… Quite cosines? irk
semimatrix,proceed your paper assay
tattered spinster – created by the one in; late September

Memo’s Wrn’t
Some always made fun
so close & real
anonymous gin & rum
jabs & stabs of laughter
a sly gecko- chapter one, what conspiracy…
something I had played for a fool

Neigh Neche

Echo’s in the rain & winter
dark flat teardrops, candy canes – tree shifting
leaf’s, titles inner odds

A Wake Glowing Say Ne

I sli[p from the reins,
eyes – remembering yrs. ago
tears, trash, tare.

– I
adore you from hell
dim-witted – Cinco de Mayo
Shy a shallow joke I, does it matter

Last Night One Man Angerly Yells ” Why ”

death I see- rouse
called ” Under the weather ”
only irish myself can be

– Last Thirteen

We gravel towards
Imprisioned stranger fiction
over holocaust reborn
pure thorn-
preferring rashes killed,
Portuguese, Sais Sa
fini Avec oops Dme An ‘ L xox
graveyard text Neath Bouth givin dedicated use of roaring language

216 Plus 160 More

A wailing lamentations for the dead: Ireland
say it again
Nehmen Siemeiri, hand{ yad } Rukka


Holocaust war –
stones, leaf’s & standing naked in
Matzah balls are great
– Zev, cigar
air raid inside my skin

100 Men 900 Wemon

Chapters fallen, Reap
Auschwitz mip-murdered restless
they all live again

Fereish Na Ntte

Jokes holding cards, echo’s again
Liliana Segre A- 75190 &%
A- 25190 cyanide
cope, wham, Eva Schloss = Edith, Kleins-
Adina, Elien, Lynn, Sam, Nora
296 lives tolerate
fake temperatures age of 105.0
Santruschitz, Fritz ” Frank ” 19-05 mip- xis


Dark skies – love of my life
the mid-night German
French… welsh
explore the pension underworld
weeping, echo’s of was
waking up the terror leaves whistled
a state of mine
decorate the trees,
October chapter
humanitarianism Italy’s inside
the picked brains { shadows } danced

Irish Jews Must

A friend maybe,
languages tough
Sayninara Ma’Ma Je’ t’ amie
scales I break-
ill bite my lip twice
JRR Tolkien


Like a chameleon
life grew stronger – our
don’t peach those broken nights
blackmail & broken heart
lite up the sky


Leather, tea, phases, goth, worth
something? late name again ( e )
I quote burning remorse

Dearest Dripping Chatter

pressing the shadows
empty – keep someone, silents
adjusting moving pretending adverse
cold mountains
thushing about if turning

Eight Yrs.

A friends- tasteful disaster’s was,
tyrants mindful cross
last hours Fogg in 1902 history – old English
grey I loved { echo }
invisible I didn’t know.

He Brew (edh ) Jew

Remark Rekindle: Keziah

The dark rings dee[ened}
walking under the fire
Erick’a’s march- Aggie?
toured bounds ( WE ) separate
creak… Screak… Quite… Cosions irk
semimatrix – proceed your paper essay
tattered spinster created by the one in late september

A friy-end no-longer


You Walk Before Your Age
remark rekindle:
some always made fun
weeps – nix’s gijs maybe,
nights wrn’t memo’s might.
Ericka’s march,
anonymous gin & rum
obtuse she’s a song no one heard or that you cannot forget
jab’s & stab’s of laughter
tutored bounds ( we ) separate
I adore you in hell
creak… screak… Quite- cosions? you irk
semimatrix daily issued
England’s Scotland’s – proceed your paper essay,
so close & real
tattered spinster created by the one in late September
chapter one ( in a state of mind ) bloodlines,
a sly violation; gecko
what conspiracy… Something I had- played for a fool
things got more mysterious – I’m the only,
the one on the window pain
drama like nothing,
Aggie? what long advertence, pretending again mending answers
walked under the fire
values down harsh
breath-less not energetic
I wonna be close to you
I felt invisible;
just plans, drifting space
once she said held
someone cries in the dark
I finally woke up the dead: tears gave way
the dark rings deepened
for some talk too bad
review with- nothing if you can speak of me like some.


Finding Your Name

Jewish & Hebrew – state of mind ( Deco )
twists of fate, odds attrition
remark rekindle: Gealic number we count
Eimile – Hirile
Madame weeps – nix’s gijs maybe
encored telegram
snowy roads, irish myself- I see death.