08-17-2017 August Thurs. Summer
Black Sheet
come by & stand near their strong one—
something to be revealed after
inside she wrote about maybe maybe within years
hours later it was
What the hell was I this bleak
I cannot kiss as being some
each shadow of dust call me never worth 24.50 in gold or at least
513.5 after my story was minutes nothing over clear..
sleep that came around now & then if
choice too skid clean
Black Sheet





08-16-2017 August Wed.
Her peace.. I cannot speak longing
Beginning to another
leading to somewhat of a mysterious place
vain it’s only
no burn then I must
has left a bruise in of blame
another word spelled so crazy it adds a value,
has left a bruise in of blame — shame
back once my arms free

charmful meaning which can
only me actors alive
lead to more harm than you clearly do not know



08-15th-17 August Tues.
Seal Jeans
a shattered white snow
Those questionable motives that may lead into
occupied especially by administration that may cost a fallout
shades of different pink lipstick
nothing free & clear after
8.50 her head always”s spun around
those bright no longer summer winter years thankfully I am
only a rainbow of styles
famous was nothing as normal


08-14th-17 Mon. August Summer
writing sample …. have a weekend. c.J. — over exuberant
74, 250
love ever works momma!
her -rierie- you
cultural norm, I love!
Tires lol in
· Reply · 13 hrs got mad about…


Nws Thompson

08-13-17 August Sun. Summer/Fall
the best ever
catching My Breath:
and it will unfold as you
resonates- all
in touch
crocs and gators, I don’t know
another’s that’s yours
But if it’s
her arm that, part this
more reactions; Lov 💋 – implied public
opposition- awoken commentary,
was swimming
all the
unfold declarations
your name
part of the there.




8-12th-17 Sat. August
this thing
unhinged; crusade!
well- some pot
headache and can I please please please
explicitly is left :same water
Thanks for staying indented -2729
Another prudent reeper who’s for my son!! daughter perhaps??


Apu joke x2 Visz relaxation

8-06-17 August Sunday Piscine;

those smooth words;
Won the ladies ….
wow. every time you write, I want to know more.
do you think in poetry? grouchiness
Cheerios fall out of my shirt
if you edit,
may words continue; how it unfolds
When you’re undressing after hot yoga and a #
flies out of your sports bra…
I am hiding?
– ammunition in your arsenal
so  Cassie…
much easier than a thumb or fingers, she has straight teeth
I suggest running the line through google
from the sun,Joys, giggles of
when ……. 💕
I don’t know how to answer this?
blessings.  to flow- But I’ll say this off the top of my head.
a disabled ; not a law on trial.
I will take to the streets in protest I tell ya!
Emma Hah aha, tho? Yup. Anything can fall of anywhere.

Jo. k – aun

8-09-17 Weds August
J.K. Rowling
( The situation AND the )
You’re, Hugs, a citizen of Scotland,
Vietnam war 1968
love it!
just using lines from songs
tho? of anywhere
give credit but it hasn’t been
Lots of information in your message.
If it is popular, part of the cultural norm, there is an implied public domain.
premiere, known for, I’ve more recently had
did something and listed
play a spoon called a, I want to know if you keep your writing
my two besties!
she was · 6:48 Tired *
check this dummie out
em. What italics: fuss what activities are priorities;
You know you’re a mum when ……. 💕
cradled a plastic bowl at least 5 of them
( or whomever)
I did not published either. Another person
used till they were 4/5 the Instagram police critical comment about this
So helpful! But they are always lost!!
binky, perhaps?? accentuate key nancybrook
italics: years old!
Ha get it!