Apu joke x2 Visz relaxation

8-06-17 August Sunday Piscine;

those smooth words;
Won the ladies ….
wow. every time you write, I want to know more.
do you think in poetry? grouchiness
Cheerios fall out of my shirt
if you edit,
may words continue; how it unfolds
When you’re undressing after hot yoga and a #
flies out of your sports bra…
I am hiding?
– ammunition in your arsenal
so  Cassie…
much easier than a thumb or fingers, she has straight teeth
I suggest running the line through google
from the sun,Joys, giggles of
when ……. 💕
I don’t know how to answer this?
blessings.  to flow- But I’ll say this off the top of my head.
a disabled ; not a law on trial.
I will take to the streets in protest I tell ya!
Emma Hah aha, tho? Yup. Anything can fall of anywhere.


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