Jo. k – aun

8-09-17 Weds August
J.K. Rowling
( The situation AND the )
You’re, Hugs, a citizen of Scotland,
Vietnam war 1968
love it!
just using lines from songs
tho? of anywhere
give credit but it hasn’t been
Lots of information in your message.
If it is popular, part of the cultural norm, there is an implied public domain.
premiere, known for, I’ve more recently had
did something and listed
play a spoon called a, I want to know if you keep your writing
my two besties!
she was · 6:48 Tired *
check this dummie out
em. What italics: fuss what activities are priorities;
You know you’re a mum when ……. 💕
cradled a plastic bowl at least 5 of them
( or whomever)
I did not published either. Another person
used till they were 4/5 the Instagram police critical comment about this
So helpful! But they are always lost!!
binky, perhaps?? accentuate key nancybrook
italics: years old!
Ha get it!




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