2-22-18 Feb
Too Her No Longer

who wasn’t said I have to
those I was never
This is some
to what
with all those was a
whole like Milk
this to see
others who had
some name
thought I took
been a
to see she had
going towers
never got you no
that with every the to
after so me
would never a I
for & took me I was could never
I get every
found to was aangle
at one
to see she had I
feel by those
can stay
everyone worth me
of Im when in
some up
the governments you -Witch
I was the in a
warm warning
a I was
would your in it
when all I was
I would
this was with.

She has been mangled in hot steel. She has been betrayed and gas lighted by those she trusted.




2-18-18 Feb
Italian Town They Never Took Me Up For

eyes turning – have i
everyday but
needed some from
once were
my hands start to shake
my baby out of all
( Thicklye ) i think she was
home found.


2-11-18 Feb
Mind Game Gasping

harlets you never see
I’ll be that
before I release
distant on the streets
those years too be around
you’re an angry little wild dream
own rights you must have
wanted the most
lead me
breaking these that come again.


2-3-18- Sat
In The Distance I Heard Owls

the most little thing
called Angel
eyes in every area kind of person wakes
those defenses glow on each
whispers you crave
images that drift off in the ice melt
voices speak..

All day

1-24-18 Wed Jan A Song Flowing Over

Wide Awake – forever cross; sites journey home
mindful objection snows bitter,
Eight hrs. of decaf
a song flowing over
cryptic answer
seven-year cycle
one last
jokes telegrams last
face of many be i’ll ” comma fucker ” on the rag.